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What Sets Us Apart:

When it comes to finding the best professionals for your company’s next hire, you can’t afford to take any chances. Your business depends on having a solid and reliable team in place, starting with staffing, and recruiting suitable candidates. This is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your organization and its future, you need a recruitment team that can help you find and hire the best talent available. Executive Staffing Partners is here to make sure this happens seamlessly and without any hiccups!

Executive Staffing Partners is your trusted recruitment specialist in the staffing and recruiting sector, working with clients to retain the best talent from a vast pool of candidates. Our executive recruiters have years of experience in this field, and we know the industry inside and out. We are committed to creating long-term partnerships with our clients and candidates to build lasting relationships and provide outstanding applicant placement with exceptional customer service delivery every time.

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Trusted Partners

Our staffing and recruitment partners have a proven track record of producing impeccable results and customer service, setting us apart from our industry-specific competitors. We created a diverse talent pool of competent professionals, enabling us to provide a quick delivery at a competitive rate backed by our placement guarantee. While always focusing on trust, loyalty, and integrity, ensuring clients and candidates are treated fairly.

“An Action is the foundational key to all success”

Pablo Picasso


Understanding Organizations

When applying for a job, understanding the organization’s culture is essential. There are four types of company culture: Clan Culture, Adhocracy Culture, Market Culture, and Hierarchy Culture.

Prepare for An Interview

Are you preparing for an upcoming interview? If so, congratulations! You have a discussion, meaning your resume and cover letter made a good impression.

Resume Writing Tips in 2022

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to make a change, it’s crucial to keep your resume up-to-date and reflect on the skills and experience most relevant to the positions of interest.

We understand workloads can be unpredictable, a last-minute project, an employee call-off, whatever the reason. We employ competent, mature, skilled employees from various industries eager to get their foot in the door. All employees have been fully-tested, background checked, and reference checked.


Helping Find The Solution Just by Disscusion

Executive Staffing Partners is a fast-growing women-owned recruitment and staffing agency focused on administration, IT, accounting/finance, logistics, and general labor placements. Our team of HR professionals has years of experience connecting businesses and qualified candidates throughout southern California and nationwide. We offer a few different flexible hiring models to suit your business needs.

Direct Hire

We place top-notch skilled professionals on every level of the spectrum your company requires by identifying the perfect match for your organizational needs. We source direct hire placements from several sources, the market for passive-employed and actively looking candidates, and our vast in-house pool of mature, qualified candidates.


Temp-to-Hire option offers both parties, the client and the candidate, the flexibility of working together to ensure it's the perfect partnership while on our payroll. Most of our candidates are converted to full-time employees at an 85% rate, with the expectation of a long-term placement

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Why Partner With Us ?

Executive Staffing Partners is a full-service recruiting agency offering direct-hire and temporary placements that provide clients with an exceptional talent for hire.

Promoting the organization’s goals.

Improving culture, morale, and productivity.

Attracting talent and retaining employees.

First-hand insight and business strategies

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Our Recruiting &Staffing Services

    Client Testimonial

    I worked with many staffing and recruiting agencies throughout the years. It is my pleasure to say Executive Staffing Partners have exceeded my expectations. I appreciate their process, professionalism, thoroughness, and friendliness.

      Senior Sales Director
      Senior Sales Director

      Global Technology Company

      I would not hesitate to recommend Executive Staffing Partners to any employer looking for the right candidate to join their organization.

        Director of Purchasing
        Director of Purchasing

        Logistics Company

        I'm always looking for top talent opportunities to create a competitive advantage in our department and industry. I consider Executive Staffing Partners one of the differentiators in the recruiting sector. They make it possible to meet critical project deadlines when we are short staff, always presenting top-notch candidates.

          VP of Finance
          VP of Finance

          Financial Services Company

          Executive Staffing Partners is a team of outstanding recruiters. Their keen eye for detail helps accelerate our hiring process and ensures a successful placement for both clients and candidates.

            Director of Operations
            Director of Operations

            Pharmaceutical Company

            It's always refreshing working with the team at Executive Staffing Partners. They deliver hard-working, dedicated contractors ready to commit to getting the job done.

              Wearhouse Manager
              Wearhouse Manager

              Warehouse Fulfillment Center

              Helping Organizations Find The Root Of Your Problem

              Executive Staffing Partners is a full-service staffing and recruiting agency offering direct-hire, long-term, short-term, and temporary placements, providing clients with an exceptional talent for hire.

              We are committed to providing outstanding staffing and recruitment services throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and surrounding areas. We serve the Bay Area and nationwide.

              We look forward to partnering with you.

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